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There are plenty of stats from leading companies on the impact of employee engagement in a company. They all show a simple pattern - The happier your team is, the more productive they will be.

Here is one of them:

Tower Perrins conducted a global survey of 664,000 employees. Without going into the boring stuff, they concluded that:
  • Higher levels of employee engagement result in 19.2% growth in operating profit
  • Low levels show a 32.7% reduction

In fact, it's common sense. If you create a brilliant working environment, your team are far more likely to stay with you. They will recommend the company to a friend. They will even go the extra mile on a project or to help a colleague out. They will be more engaged.

There are plenty of ways to create that great place to work. And it doesn't mean you have to build a gym, install a pool table or get an on site nursery. The simple, personal things are actually more effective.

Be a great leader by saying Thank You when someone does something good. Re-enforce that message by sending them an e-card too. It lasts longer.

Give them a small gift when they complete a job well, achieve a goal, or go one step beyond.

Celebrate your team's birthdays with a person touch. Recognise their commitment to your business by remembering service anniversaries each year. All these little things will make working for you much more rewarding for your team.

Be a great leader. Show you care about your people. Understand that your team will deliver the best results when they are happy. Create a culture where your team care about each other, help each other and thrive together. Teach them that working is more than doing a job and waiting for payday.

The Carrot Exchange is your tool to do all this and more. In your own time, in your own style. You can have some fun by spinning the carrots in public, or do it in private if that person would prefer. No big setup and running costs. Over to you to do it the way that works best for you!